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Endowment Fundraiser

2018 marks a banner year for the Gresham Japanese Garden. After seven years of restorative work the garden is in great shape and features a new bridge and azumaya. Like any great work of art, it is never finished. Funds are needed to maintain the grounds and develop the garden for generations to come.

To raise the necessary funds, community partners and garden directors have devised a unique initiative. Enter Ebetsu Plaza, a new addition to the garden that will bring together the community and further connect Gresham with its sister city, Ebetsu Japan. Imagine a key hole shaped plaza in Main City Park that is paved with engraved touchstones. Each stone is an oppurtunity for individuals to make a donation and support the project and its partners.

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Questions? Contact us atTouchstone@EbetsuPlaza.com
or you can call us at 503-891-0142 (cell)

To make a donation to the Gresham Japanese Garden endowment and customize your own personal touchstone, click the button below.


OPTIONAL: Choose a Project Partner

The Gresham Japanese Garden will send 20% of your donation to a participating non-profit of your choice listed below. To choose a project partner simply click on their logo and choose a touchstone paver design listed on their page, Each month, we will tally all the orders received from their dedicated page and send them a check for 20% of the overall donation. The rest will go toward the endowment for the Gresham Japanese garden.
You can customize multiple touchstone pavers benefiting different partners on the same order. Just make sure to select the design from the partner page of choice for each one.

Project partner - Tsuru island
Tsuru Island
Donate 20% to Gresham Barlow Education Foundation

Education Foundation
Project partner - Gresham Barlow Youth Baseball/Softball Project partner - Salt Academy
SALT Academy

Project partner - Meals On Wheels People
Meals on Wheels People
Project partner - U.S. World Class Taekwondo
US World Class 
Project partner - Eastside Timbers TOPSoccer
Project partner - Soroptimist International
Soroptimist of Gresham
Project partner - SnowCap Community Charities
Project partner - U.S. World Class Taekwondo
The Salvation Army
Project partner - Apple of His Eye Charity
Apple of His Eye
Project partner - Family of Friends Mentoring
Family of Friends

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